Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our website elaborates on our processes. It contains information regarding how we receive, process and accumulate information from our customers. By using our website you accept to the terms of this policy. The policy holds well only for our website and for none of our affiliates.

Information Collected

The information collected by the website and its representatives are solely intended for the purpose of enhancing user experience and not for any other commercial purpose. The information thus collected will be through online forms or over the phone conversations with our representatives.

  • We collect personal details such as name of the user, email address and mailing address
  • For transactions, we need the Credit or debit card information of the person making a payment along with any passwords if necessary.
  • Location details are collected to display data relevant to the user on our website’s webpages.

Email address usage

The website makes use of the e-mail address of the user to mail promotional messages if and only if you have opted for our newsletters or subscribed to know about our offers.

Information storage

Our database partners are certified information storage providers with whom we store the above said information collected from all our users. We collect, store and share the information with a third-party only after getting prior permissions from the user. Moreover, we may store login credentials and location information to give a better experience to the users of our website.

Information disclosure

You hereby acknowledge to the fact that we may disclose your data to third parties whom the website deem fit. As mentioned earlier, we will store the information in external databases. Also share it with your card issuing bank for confirmation purposes.

Cookies usage

The cookies used by the website stores certain details pertaining to the user, without which we will be unable to complete the services provided to the customers. In that honor, we request our users to not block cookies from our website. As this will only improve your experience with our website.

Third-party affiliates

Third party affiliates may publish their data on our website in the form of advertisements or banners. It is up to the user to make use of their services as our website is not liable for any information published by them. Besides, the affiliates have their own rules and policies. Therefore we advise our users to go through them before making use of the affiliates’ websites.


It is our responsibility to protect the information that we collect from our users. But if there are any violations by the users of the website, then we will take strict legal action against such individuals.