The Kodak Verite 55 is the low cost solution to all your printing problems

The Kodak Verite 55 is a dream come true for people who have become frustrated with the increasing cost of ink. With users spending close to $140 every year on each printer, it’s a no win situation for customers. According to a report in PC world magazine, HP spent upwards of a Billion dollars on research and development of ink and allied technologies. It is no wonder that some people term ink as black gold.

This changes with the Kodak Verite 55, a printer that comes with XL black ink cartridge and an XL tricolor cartridge. Say the ink levels in your Kodak Verite 55 gets over, you can buy a new pack for $50. This cartridge will have a page yield of 400 pages. The Kodak Verite family of printers exists to reduce your overhead.

Kodak Verite 55

Why would you consider getting the Kodak Verite 55 over other printers?

  • You can use the Kodak Verite 55 to scan, print, fax, and copy files.
  • The Kodak Verite 55 is set up for Duplex printing, which means that you can print both sides of a paper and reduce the overall time taken for printing.
  • You can use a single button to make up to 6 copies a minute. You can also enlarge the size of the print up to 400%
  • This model has a 2inch display that provides easy navigation through all the options available on the printer.
  • The Kodak Verite 55 and the Kodak verite 55 XL both have wireless printing as one of its primary features. These include both AirPrint and Google Cloud Print along with the ability to print from a laptop, tablet, or mobile connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Using Kodak Verite Application on your mobile you can quickly scan documents to your mobile phone. The mobile phone you’re using should be on the same wireless network as that of the printer.
  • Using the Kodak verite application, you can connect to the printer and with just a flick you will be able to print the documents you want from your mobile phone or tablets.

Problems you can encounter while using the Kodak Verite 55 or Kodak Verite 55 XL & it’s troubleshooting.

Upon setting up your Kodak Verite 55 or Kodak Verite 55 XL you might encounter a few problems ranging from your printer not recognizing the network. To the printer returning an error and not printing even though the ink levels are high. There are usually easy and quick fixes around this problem. You can head on over to driver download on your web browser and do one of the following.

You could download the Kodak Verite 55 driver or the Kodak Verite 55 XL driver. Printers and computers can only talk to each other due to a piece of software called a driver. You will able to fix most of the problems affecting your printer after upgrading your printer’s driver software. You can resolve most of the problems affecting your printer after updating your driver software.

If you encounter even more errors while running your printer you could visit us at or call us @ +1-844-211-3270.

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