Do you have a Kodak Verite 55 Printer model? Is this model brand new? Here is the explanation for Kodak Verite 55 Plus driver and setup  

Software or driver being the preliminary requisite, it’s important to choose the appropriate method. You will receive a prompt to install matching software as you execute Kodak Verite 55 plus driver and setup

Kodak Verite 55 Plus Driver and Setup Guidelines

Kodak Verite 55 Plus Driver and Setup

Kodak Verite 55 Plus Driver and Setup

If Your model is brand new

  • Unpack the printer – Take out the protective tapes that cover your device
  • Insert the power, USB and Ethernet cable to the appropriate slots

Cartridge Insertion

  • Open the cartridge access door
  • Now lift the Ink door
  • Then, begin your search to find the slot for color and black cartridge.
  • Hold the cartridge firmly and press it hard
  • Make sure you do not touch the electrical contacts
  • The last and final step is to close the cartridge access door

Load the paper into THE TRAY

  • Select good quality papers to use with Kodak Verite 55 model.
  • Most often users opt for Kodak photopaper, Kodak professional Ektatherm print kit, Kodak Ultra Premium Photo paper and much more
  • Place the paper properly on your Input tray

Want to know the Initial Setup Steps?

Kodak Verite 55 initial setup steps include

  • Language selection – Select the appropriate settings from the display panel to choose the required language that you prefer
  • Cartridge alignment – Use the cartridge setup settings visible on your Menu display for alignment.

Wait for the message when the alignment process complete

Internet connection

  • It’s the same display panel of Kodak Verite 55 printer where you can choose the network settings
  • Before you begin to execute, ensure that the router access point is not that far from your Printer
  • If the manual setup is compatible, select the appropriate connection type to enter “wireless network name and password

For users who prefer WPS connection

 Users opt for WPS connection method and settings are easy to execute

  • Click on the WPS button on your router and wait until the settings are active

How to change the wireless connection type?

  • To change wireless connection type, navigate to Start option > All Programs > Kodak Verite 50
  • Now choose the option, wireless setup utility
  • Then start your search to find the wireless setup assistant for Mac
  • Finally proceed with the onscreen instructions that appear on your screen to change wireless network connection type

Let us begin Kodak Verite 55 plus driver update process

Kodak Verite 55 plus driver and setup is easy, if you follow the mentioned steps one by one

  • From your mobile device, suggest you to open a new web browser
  • Now visit the Kodak Verite 55 plus driver download webpage
  • Select the section, PC Drivers, Firmware and software
  • Wait for the software search results
  • Make your selection and click on the download tab
  • The very next step is to extract the software setup file to the required folder
  • Carry on with the onscreen guide to complete the process
  • Do not miss any of the driver installation steps

How to overcome Kodak Verite 55 plus driver and setup errors?

  • Validate and verify the Kodak Verite 55 plus driver and setup steps
  • Use a good speed internet connection
  • Device restart or reset can also help
  • Scan your device using the existing scan tools and check if you can stay apart from the error messages
  • Replace your device with a new one and start printing again
  • Download and refer the Kodak Verite 55 plus driver and setup manual for more updates

Start printing and if printing from mobile device is your choice, visit the appropriate website portal to download the app

Besides you can opt for cloud printing services such as AirPrint or ePrint. Connect your iOS device and Printer to same network to proceed

If you are new to Kodak Verite 55 model and would like to buy, suggest you to check the reviews to know the features and specifications

Is it difficult to execute the setup on your own? Reach out to our customer support executives who can guide you any time at or call us @ +1-844-211-3270.

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