Kodak Verite 50 Eco Driver for Windows

The Kodak Verite 50 Eco driver is the version of the printer that can effortlessly download Print Projects software. This software will aid you to design, share and print calendars, books, photo cards and many more.

  • Firstly, check if the computer contains the system requirements
  • Then, Detach all the all-in-one printer from the system
  • Now, close all of the programs
  • After that, get the software for your computer
  • Next, click the file which is downloading and then stick along with the instructions that appear on the screen
  • When the process of installation is over then connect the all-in-one printer to the PC
  • Lastly, choose the start>programs>Kodak>Kodak AiO home center
kodak verite 50 Eco driver

kodak verite 50 Eco driver

Kodak Verite 50 Eco Driver for Mac

  • Firstly, check if the PC you are using meets all the requirements
  • Then, end all the programs in the PC
  • Next, link the printer to the PC
  • After that, power on the printer
  • On the PC click the file icon and then stick along with the steps that appear on the screen
  • Lastly, when downloading the Kodak drivers you are accepting the license agreement and the conditions

Connect Kodak Verite 50 to Wi-Fi

To connect the Kodak to wifi network go along the process mentioned here.

Before you start the connection

  • Need wireless router
  • Check if the wireless router supports wifi protected setup

Arranging a connection through the wifi setup wizard

You can utilize the method of wifi setup wizard to form the connection of the printer. Use the steps below.

Non-wireless printer connection

You require network name and service set identifier SSID. If the security on the network is activated you will require the security string that may be wired equivalent privacy that is WEP. There is wifi protected access or the WPA or the WPA2 passphrase. keep the information intact and use the uppercase and lowercase correctly.

  • Click Home
  • Tap the Network settings
  • Touch the wifi setup wizard
  • The wifi radio will power on automatically when you choose the wifi setup wizard
  • The wifi connectivity LED will flash when the printer searches for wireless networks available. Then it will show the list of networks on the basis of signal strength
  • If there are extra networks shown in the LCD you can touch up or down to see them
  • Tap the name of your network
  • If the name of the network is not visible you can ensure whether the wireless router is within the range
  • If the network needs the password you can utilize the LCD keyboard to go in the security string
  • The security string may be case sensitive
  • When it is completed click OK
  • If the message for confirmation displays on the screen tap OK
  • If the printer is a connection is successful the wifi connectivity LED will stop the flashing and will be lit
  • The printer wireless connection will appear on the list with the name of the printer and the number
  • If the Kodak all-in-one printer software is not installed the perform the following function
  • Go to the Kodak site
  • In the list showing results click the link of the available Kodak drivers
  • Go along with the steps on the screen for completing the setup

Setting up IP Address

The IP address has to be set only for the printer if you are having any issue while connecting the printer to the wireless network you can use it. Besides, it is not important to setup an IP address. The setup is suitable for the users who would like to know how to acquire the IP address for the printer.

  • To setup the IP address on the printer
  • Click home
  • Touch the navigation button for the network settings
  • Tap the Advanced IP address setup for the printer
  • Then touch yes to continue
  • Choose one of the following that is Dynamic and Manual
  • If you have selected the manual static you will get the prompt to key in the IP address, Gateway Address, Subnet mask and many more. You can tap the option Ok after the entry
  • Also, perform the network configuration with the network connection
  • It will result in a printed document about the network

For more information about the Kodak Verite 50 Eco driver, visit our site https://www.kodakveritecom.com/ or call us @ +1-844-211-3270.

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