The name Kodak is reminiscent of high quality photographs but its news to many of us that they also manufacture printers. There are models starting from as low as $70 and high-end ones that cost about $200. The Kodak Verite printer is sleek, efficient and eco-friendly. These beauties are also low on maintenance giving you value for money. They also have some of the best reviews both by users and experts. You can read some of anna griffin printer reviews to gain insight into any printer model. For example, you can search for kodak verite 640 reviews or kodak verite 55 reviews.

Reasons to Bring Home a Kodak Verite

There are infinite reasons why you must bring home a brand new Kodak Verite printer. The ones that matter the most are found in a list below.

  1. Utilize just 60% of your ink and still achieve high quality prints.
  2. To complement this feature you can use the kodak verite 55w eco ink cartridges or kodak verite 65 plus ink cartridges.
  3. When you use the kodak 55w eco ink or kodak verite 65 plus ink you not only save money but also improve your printer’s performance.
  4. The kodak verite 6 ink cartridges are available for purchase from the manufacturer and other retailers.
  1. You no longer have to depend on your PC to print a document or image.
  2. Simply connect your mobile device or tablet with your Kodak printer using a wireless network connection.
  3. For example, complete the kodak verite 55w eco wireless setup and start printing from any device.
  4. These Verite printers are compatible with both AirPrint and Google Cloud Print services.
  1. The installation process will take only a few minutes but however requires the Kodak Verite printer app.
  2. Complete the kodak verite 55w eco setup using the app and contact our kodak verite 55w eco support for further queries.
  3. You can also use the printer app for managing your ink cartridges and other features.
  4. Also, scan with a single touch to any device of your choice. However, you need to install the app first.
  5. Search for the kodak verite 55w eco software to download the app on your PC.

Driver downloads

Its common knowledge that you need drivers to help communicate with your printer. You can use the kodak verite 65 plus driver download link or the kodak verite 55w eco driver link corresponding to your printer.

kodak verite 65 plus driver download


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Your companion for crafts

The kodak verite craft printer is your very own companion for DIY projects. This kodak verite 6 craft printer allows you to print on different types of craft materials. When you purchase this, you also get a complimentary craft materials sample pack.

Use these samples and create magic with this special edition kodak verite 6 anna griffin all-in-1 craft printer. In addition to this use the kodak verite craft app download to explore more options.

kodak verite craft printer

Troubleshooting various issues

Printer offline

Is your kodak verite 55 showing offline? In this case, you may have to try out a few remedial methods to get the issue sorted.

  • For instance, check the network connections first and then move on check other settings.
  • This can be an error with your printer or with your network connection.
  • So contact your ISP to make sure that the internet connection is intact.
  • Alternatively, you can also try connecting your printer manually using a USB cable.
  • If the error message says kodak printer offline windows 10, then try connecting the printer to another device with a different OS.
  • If the kodak verite 55 says its offline, then you can reach for our customer support team’s help.
  • Sometimes, it can also be an issue with your operating system.

We hope these steps answer your question, why is my kodak printer offline.

Miscellaneous errors in Kodak Verite Printer Setup

Other common errors that can occur with your Verite printers are given below.

  • The kodak verite 55 paper jam when the printer encounters a paper jam
  • When there is a cartridge error the kodak verite 55 cartridge error is displayed
  • For a Connectivity error the kodak verite 55 wont connect to wifi is seen
Kodak Verite Printer

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